Blogger Flu

It seems that along with the swine flu, there have been several outbreaks of blogger flu going around the internet. I’ve been feeling particularly out-of-sorts myself, and I’ve read at least 15 posts from other bloggers having similar issues over the last month.

Symptoms of blogger flu include, but aren’t limited to, feeling down or overwhelmed, trouble putting thoughts to the keyboard, difficulty in organizing coherent posts, and a generalized worry that no one would want to read about your boring life at the moment anyway. It’s not quite to pandemic status yet, but I wouldn’t doubt its ability to mutate.

I’ve wanted to write several times in the past week, but when the time became available, I sat down to the computer and my thoughts took on the consistency of pea soup. The harder I tried to craft a post, the more difficult it became. But then when I went back into my blog reader and started to catch up on the thousands hundreds of posts I’m behind on reading, I noticed I wasn’t alone in my writer’s block. It seems a lot of people are struggling with what to write, wondering if they’ve lost their blogging mojo. Some are dealing with a lot of heavy life issues, some are crazy busy, and some are feeling depressed. (And some are dealing with ALL THREE. And while there’s no “I” in “some”, there’s definitely “me”. Ahem.)

So I’m not going to stress out if the words aren’t there. Because I know it’s just a temporary illness and soon I’ll be back. And I’m certain the words will yet again flow freely instead of being dragged from my head by force. I’ll rest, regroup, conserve my strength, and come back better than ever.

Anyone else out there want to admit to a touch of the blogger flu? I promise I won’t make you wear a mask.

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  1. Is that what it is? Ugh. I definitely have it.

  2. Absolutely. I’ve noticed it out there too and have been feeling it relentlessly lately. Hoping your blogger flu gets better soon.

  3. Any prescription for it? Or estimated recovery time? I do miss blogging, but this blogging flu is also kicking my but!

  4. Condo Blues says:

    Thank you Nurse Christina for diagnosing my illness. I’m feeling it too. Except, when I turn to my feedreader to catch up on posts, I think Wow these writers are good. Why would anyone want to read my little old blog?

    Hopefully it will pass soon.

  5. I think I’ve got it too, I just feel like no one wants to read my stuff anymore basically and that my life is too boring to write about!

  6. I’ve got a terrible case of it. I think it’s the time of year, what with the illnesses, the school year, the holidays coming up, general busy-ness.

    Hope things are ok with you guys since you grouped yourself in the “all 3” category. Hugs to you!

  7. Me! ME! OH ME!

    Major case of said illness. I may, in fact, require a mask. I’ve had plenty I want to say but I’ve been a total punk out about writing. My bad, internets.

  8. Do you think the vaccine will be a mist or a shot?

  9. I know you will get your mojo back soon and then watch out! *wink* Heavy issues are going on over at my place-but it has helped knowing that I am helping my friends out.

    Hey, how did the autism walk go?

  10. Finally, there’s a name for it!

    I seem to have the Blogger flu every weekend.

    Hope you recover quickly!

  11. So when’s the vaccine for this going to be available?!? I’ve got it too!

  12. I haven’t touched my LJ in more than a month. For me, this is kinda strange. Seems like the only real writing I do lately is charting.

  13. I’ll admit it. I wish there was a cure!