Dear Santa, I Want A New Computer

OK, I know that’s not exactly an easy request. Your toy factory likely hasn’t fully converted to the digital age of electronics, and what conversions you have made are probably overwhelmed with requests for things like XBox, Wii, and iPhones.

And I know I haven’t been as good of a blogger as I could be, but I don’t think I’m on the naughty list yet. I’m still posting once a week, and I’m doing my best to keep my Bloglines under 1,000 unread posts. (Currently 931!) Work has consumed a lot of my time now, but that doesn’t mean my computer has been gathering dust.

Santa, let me present a few reasons why I need my new computer:

1. I bought this laptop to replace the three-day old laptop that was stolen when our house was robbed in 2006. It’s now over three years old. In laptop computer years, that means it’s practically prehistoric. And I’d still like to move on and forget that traumatic moment in my life.

2. My CD-ROM stopped working over a year ago. Generally not a big deal, but every now and then it frustrates me when I can’t upload a CD into iTunes.

3. About two months ago an intermittent grinding/whining noise started coming from my computer. It comes and goes, but occasionally is loud enough to make everyone else in the room stop and stare, thinking What got trapped in your laptop fan and is dying a slow, painful death?

4. Battery power? Ha. This baby lasts less than five minutes on battery. You can’t even finish the start-up sequence before it gives you the low-battery warning and shuts down.

5. Last month my media card reader stopped working. Instead of popping my SD card from my camera into the media card slot to view photos of my adorable children, I now must go through a series of steps that involves the SD card, Aaron’s computer, a flash drive, and my computer.

6. As of yesterday, the computer refuses to hibernate when closed. Instead, it remains on unless I turn it off completely.

7. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s this:

Did I mention I like taking photos of my adorable children?

So, Santa, if you wouldn’t mind, could I please, please, please have a new computer for Christmas? I’ve already used a backup device to save my files, all ready to be transferred to a shiny new hard drive when the times comes. Don’t leave a girl stranded without her technology, Santa.

(No, I’m not begging anyone in particular, other than Santa Claus. I still believe, Santa!)

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  1. hey, HP is giving out 5 or 6 touchscreen computers through blogs over the next few weeks. I know one of them is at and I think there are links to the other blogs too. You should enter them all!! You never know :)

  2. oh, I think maybe it’s

  3. LOL- very funny! Isn’t it funny how a new computer only stays “new” for about 6 months? I feel for you re: the CD-Rom thing too…broke off my headphone thingy in the sound-thingy last week, now there is no sound on my computer. Maybe I’ll ask Santa for one too ;0)

  4. Good Luck with Santa!

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