Snowed In

8 inches of new snow on top of 8 inches of old snow:

Why yes, those chairs are half-buried in snow!

Plus drifting and blowing and probably another 2-3 inches tonight:

Buried under that snow is a double-layer brick ring around the closest tree.

Combined with stir-crazy children and another snow day tomorrow – the only day off for some time to come that should have been child-free – and I’m starting to feel a little like this:

Heeere’s Johnny!
(The Shining, for you heathens who don’t know classic Stephen King)

If you find me laying in a snow drift tomorrow, at least you’ll understand why.

PS – In case I didn’t make it clear, I hate this snow. Bring on springtime.

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  1. I do feel sorry for you and typically you’d win hands down for snow. However, I live in DE and right now? DE is not so friendly. We got 18 inches of snow the weekend of Feb 6-7 and then we got a blizzard with 26 inches on the
    10th/11th, with 4-6 foot drifts. My poor dog hasn’t seen grass for 2 weeks and my neighborhood and surrounding roads look like a disaster zone. The snow was wet and heavy, trees were down everywhere. Oh well. We had 2 days of a state of emergency with a travel ban so there was that. Hope you dig out soon!

  2. Do what we in New England do: send the kids outside into the snow! That, or send yourself in your room for a time out!

    I sympathize, but I love the snow and am happy we finally got some – you folks in the mid-Atlantic seem to be getting ours this year.

  3. I don’t mind the snow, it’s the cold that I hate, but I think if we had that much snow I’d be in a bad mood. Spring fever has hit us here, too!

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