Picture Time

I realized it’s been awhile since I posted a few good photos of Cordy and Mira. Let’s be honest, they’re the stars of this blog – I’m only the storyteller and supplier of Goldfish and gummy bears.

I can’t say we’re all looking our best at this time of the year. We’re cooped up, it’s cold outside, and the dry, cold weather is brutal on skin and hair. Still, they somehow manage to look cute.

Super Mira, guardian of the sippy cups:

See that serious face? You know she’s a tough superhero!

Cordy, hiding behind a mop of messy hair after I tried to straighten it (in order to trim it):

She’s only smiling because she doesn’t realize how badly mommy mangled her hair.

Noticeably absent from photos: me. Not after the sleeve of Girl Scout cookies I just inhaled this evening.

I’m peeking out from my winter cave. Rumor has it the warm weather may return this weekend. And hopefully it’ll bring my motivation and energy with it.

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  1. Cute pictures as always 🙂 good to see a blog from you! I couldn’t be more thrilled to see the snow melting…I wanted to put away my winter clothes but every time I do that it just gets cold again!

  2. I can’t believe how big they’re getting! Love the superhero face. Very serious!

  3. cute! Also I plan on coming down soon-ish so we can do a family shoot then if you want.

    miss you girlie!!

  4. They’re growing up so fast! And they are so beautiful.

    Good to see a blog from you! I know how life gets in the way of writing…I’ve been having that happen a lot.

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