Um, OK, I Suck

Tofuforyou reminded me the other day that it’s been awhile since I paid any attention to this new little project. I guess it was partially out of shame. You see, my weight hasn’t budged in over a month. On Feb 21, I weighed 187 pounds and today? I’m still exactly 187 pounds.

I’d be proud of my consistency if I wasn’t trying to actually lose weight, not maintain.

So yeah, still much of the same. What’s going wrong? Well, a lot of it is a lack of motivation on my part. Over the past month and a half, I’ve had the stress of being unhappy at my job, then searching for a new job, and then starting a new job. Throw in spring break for the kids, and exercise and eating right have kinda fallen to the side. I know, I know – it’s all excuses.

But I will say one good thing for myself: at least I haven’t gained any weight. Some of the changes I’ve made have stuck with me. I’m still eating smaller portions, still trying to look for ways to incorporate a little extra exercise into my daily life. I take the stairs more, park further away, etc.

I need to get back on track. But I don’t know how to get that motivation back. There’s a 5K being planned at BlogHer this July, and I’d like to run it. At the moment I’d probably collapse before the pack spread out. But I know I can get back to running again, if I can just find the time and the energy to get myself moving.

How do you motivate yourself? I’m open to ideas.

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  1. tofuforyou says:

    You most certainly do not suck! As you said, you haven’t gained any weight, and you’ve stuck with some of your healthy habits: that’s a good thing!

    You might be surprised how much more motivation you have once your schedule has normalized. It’s hard to be excited about losing weight when you’re too tired to get out of bed in the morning.

    On a different note, thank YOU for motivating ME – with my family history of heart disease, getting and staying in shape is less about looking good and more about living to meet my grandkids. When I read your blog, I figure if you can find the time to get healthy with your crazy schedule, I have no excuse!

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