The Magic Number Appears To Be 187

So yet again I’ve let work take center stage and I’ve pushed my weight loss all the way off the stage to the role of director’s water boy. Last month I was working a 9-5 schedule as I went through training for my new job. I thought I did  pretty well with my lunches, packing most days, and eating healthy wraps when I did buy from the cafeteria.

However, I stepped on the scale at the beginning of May, and found myself at 192 lbs. again. Ouch. Not sure how that happened, but I know I don’t like it.

Then at the beginning of May I switched back to night shift and actually my eating habits took a turn for the worse. Trying to figure out when to eat overnight is hard, leaving you snacking all night long. And I don’t always snack on the good stuff, either. I also am far too tired to think of working out at this point. Maybe after I’ve given my body a chance to readjust to being a nightwalker I can start squeezing workouts into my schedule, but for now I just try to take the stairs instead of the elevator and call it good.

Amazingly, I stepped on the scale this week, and found my body has yet again settled back into its favorite weight of 187. I can’t explain how I lost the weight, but I’m not complaining, either.

The plan for the rest of May is to get myself fully adjusted back to a nocturnal schedule. I’m also making efforts to minimize the bad snacks I keep at my desk – more fruit cups, less bags of chips. And since giving up caffeine on night shift is a sure form of career suicide, I’ve instead tried to work a glass of water in-between each serving of coffee or tea.

And working out? Well, I want to do it again. I want to get back into shape for running a 5K. But we’ll see where I can squeeze it in to this already overstuffed schedule.

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  1. tofuforyou says:

    First of all, GO YOU!! Second, have you tried green tea? I read that one study found that drinking an insane amount (i.e., 9 cups a day) without any other changes to diet or exercise yielded a 5 pound weight loss over 1 month. Not sure if that’s just from the diuretic effect or the fact that who can possibly eat when they’re full of tea, but hey – 5 pounds is 5 pounds!

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