Today I no longer have a toddler.
Today Miranda will start her day as a preschooler, or as she calls it, a “big girl.”
Unlike Cordy, Mira has been planning her third birthday for over a month. She immediately told me she wanted a PINK (her emphasis, not mine) party, with PINK balloons and PINK cake and PINK decorations. (Fun fact: Mira likes pink.) She created most of the guest list. And she’s been very good at making sure we don’t forget that her birthday is in May and she’ll be three.

All this birthday┬átalk has spurred her to think about her future as a big girl, too. She spins stories of how she will someday go to work, and she’ll drive a PINK car to get there. She can’t even say PINK yet – due to her speech apraxia, it sounds more like HINK. However, I can understand her so much better than I could even half a year ago, thanks to all of the hard work she’s put in trying to be understood.

This younger daughter of ours is more than just a little girl – she’s a force of nature. Her impish spirit is obvious to everyone she meets, and her direct and sometimes forceful personality ensures she gets her way. She’s just now three years old, but she has already mastered manipulation, charm, and knowing just how to bat her eyes to get one more cookie. Where Cordy falters socially, Mira shines.

Today my little girl is three, and I’m mourning the baby that’s being traded in for this child. She longs to explore her world and make her place in it, going further from my reach each day, and I’m not ready to let her go yet.

But when bedtime is near, and she climbs onto my lap to cuddle for “jus too moh minuwtes” she nestles her head against my shoulder and reminds me that, “I noh ah baybee, I ah big girl. Buh I m stiw mahmee’s baybee.”

Happy birthday, Mira. You are a big girl, but you will always be my baby.

(There was no way I could leave this photo out.)
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  1. Happy Birthday Mira!! Much love to you from NE Ohio!!


  2. What a sweet story :) Happy Birthday to your littlest miracle!

  3. Happy Birthday Mira! Can’t wait to see photos of the PINK party!

  4. Aw, happy birthday to your little one! Three is always hard for me for some reason…there’s just something special about it.

  5. Rachael says:

    Happy Birthday Mira!

  6. Condo Blues says:

    Happy Birthday Mira. You ARE a forced to be reckoned with just like your awesome Mommy and Daddy!

  7. Happy Birthday, Mira!

    Ok, that last photo is so perfect that I would suspect it to be photoshopped!

  8. Wisconsin Mommy says:

    Happy Birthday Mira! It’s been fun watching you grow up online.

  9. I really love that third picture, I couldn’t resist leaving a comment. Moments like that caught on “film” are just priceless!

  10. Already?! Happy Birthday to both of you!

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