Tales of BlogHer Past (in Pictures)

Many of you are familiar with the BlogHer conference, and for those who may not know, I’ll be attending again next week in New York City. This will be my fifth BlogHer, so I kinda feel like an old-pro at this now.

Leading up to this year’s BlogHer, I’ve seen a lot of posts so far featuring what to pack, what to wear, which shoes are the best, hair styles to best flatter your face, makeup and shapewear to help you look your best, how to dress for private parties…the list goes on and on. It’s exhausting, really.

Here’s some simple advice I’ve learned over the years:

1. Dress for comfort. If shapewear is part of your comfort (it is for me), so be it.
2. Wear clothing, makeup, shoes, and whatever else that makes you feel confident and ready to greet the world. (Or at least 2,399 other bloggers.)
3. And know that no matter how bad you look, it can’t be much worse than my first BlogHer.

I’ve been taking a look at photos from past BlogHers and I cringe at some of the shots of myself. I was heavy. I had a bad haircut. And I had no sense of style. OK, I still don’t have any sense of style, but I’m getting better at copying others.

Evidence? Yeah, I thought you might want some proof to back up those statements. So here you go, a quick look at me from BlogHer 2006 until now. Enjoy the walk down memory lane – memories that make me want to go out for a run right now when I think about them.

BlogHer 2006 – My first blogging conference ever, and I was scared out of my wits. I also had a 22 month old daughter and still couldn’t fit into any of my pre-baby clothing. Instead of working to lose the baby weight (which there really wasn’t any – I gained very little weight during pregnancy) I had managed to pack on some extra baby weight. I’m not sure how much I weighed, but it was somewhere around 225 in these photos, maybe more.

(I’m on the right, obviously)

Ugh, the full length shot. I’m surprised the button didn’t pop on those capris. And that’s all I had at this conference – denim capris and t-shirts. The hair was also a homemade dye job and the cut was a mall stylist gone hack-happy. I’m amazed anyone even talked to me that year. (PS – I miss you, Mary!!)

(l-r: Liz, Kristen, Catherine, me)
Sure, pasties were all the fashion rage that year, and I prefer to focus on those rather than the fact that I was the size of two of Liz. Also? It was hot in San Jose - even if I did wear makeup (which I didn’t), I’d have sweat it right off.
Overall? I was a big, hot mess. Yes, you can tell me I’m being hard on myself, but I still wish I could go back to make a better first impression.
BlogHer 2007 – So the hair did grow out, which is an improvement over the year before. My confidence was also higher this year.
(me with Elizabeth Edwards)
See? The hair isn’t as bad. And I was at least 10 pounds lighter. I suppose I could have tried to lose more weight before my trip to Chicago, but I did have this excuse:
(Look! We all had babies since we last met!)
Mira was born just 7 weeks prior. That I was even able to shower and put on matching clothes should excuse some of the flaws.

BlogHer 2008 – I made an active effort to lose weight for this one. But I only managed about 5-10 pounds. Still, I learned my lesson and let my hair keep growing, and finally discovered what a dress was!

(l-r: Julie, Liz, me)

That pic was after a long, warm night of parties. But look – a dress! And long hair really is my thing, I think.

(l-r: Kristen, me, Heather, Whitney)

And at this point I think I should point out that apparently I’m contractually obligated to be in a BlogHer photo with Liz and Kristen each year.

BlogHer 2009 – Last year, I was serious about wanting to put my best foot forward at BlogHer, and started my own Hot by BlogHer challenge, along with joining the Shredheads. I lost 20 pounds, felt great, and participated in my first 5K at BlogHer. Also? I no longer cared so much about trying to do it all and “build my brand” at BlogHer. I wanted to have fun and spend time with friends, and I did.

(me & Jennifer)

(me & Janny – photo courtesy of Karianna)
BlogHer 2010 – I have no idea what this year will bring. But I can give you a little hint:
I’ll be comfortable, I’ll feel good about myself and what I’m wearing, and I’m going to have a great time.
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  1. Condo Blues says:

    I love the navy dress. I have a thing for polka dots. I love them on others but not myself. Hope to see you there!

  2. Look at you, you skinny minny! Can’t wait to “see” you in person!

  3. DAMN GIRL!! Lookin Good!

  4. Amber, The Unlikely Mama says:

    I saw your pics on Twitter of the dress. You are going to kill it at BlogHer. Big freakin’ congrats on working so hard and coming so far. You look fantastic :-)

  5. I SO wish I was going to BlogHer, last summer I actually thought I could make it happen since I have family in New Jersey but it didn’t work out with having a new baby and all. I hope you have a GREAT time, and you look awesome!

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