A New Low

But it’s a good kind of low.

I decided to step on the scale again this morning, and was delighted to see an even lower number displayed: 181 pounds. I’m so close to the 170′s that I’m twitchy with excitement.

Now that the high end of my “acceptable weight range” is slowly coming into view off in the horizon (160 lbs is considered the high end for 5’7″), I’m starting to think about what happens when I reach that moment. Will I stay at 160, or will I try to continue to go lower? I’ve got a larger frame, so I definitely don’t want to be on the low end of the acceptable range for my height (121 lbs – seriously, I’d be a stick!), but I don’t know if I want to be constantly flirting with overweight, either.

At my wedding, I was somewhere around 170 pounds. And I felt pretty good at that weight. It was the lowest I had been for a long time, and even though I still felt overweight, I didn’t feel completely self-conscious as I walked down the aisle in my silver wedding dress. I probably could have lost more weight, but the more weight I lost, the happier I was with my body, and the less motivated I was to continue losing weight. Not exactly the best plan.

I can’t wait to see 170 again, but I don’t want to let myself get too comfortable before reaching my goal weight. Whatever my goal weight is. Hmm…I guess I really should pick a goal weight, shouldn’t I? I’ll officially call my goal weight 160 for the moment, and then when I reach 160 I can re-evaluate and set a new goal if needed.

But for the moment, I’m so, so close to breaking through a mini-goal of saying goodbye to the 180′s and hello to the 170′s. And when I do, I’m posting new photos to show how far I’ve come.

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  1. That is fantastic! I need to get my ass in gear because I know that the winter creep is coming but I don’t want that ontop of what I have now.

    A word of caution if I may. (And please feel free to ignore me) Just be careful when you get to that weight. As someone who has a large frame at 5’6″ “my upper limit” is 159 (not bad, my high school training weight), but the lower is 140lbs which when I dipped below that, I had a body fat of about 10% which if sustained gets to be dangerous.

  2. Congratulations! I’m happy for you. I am also 5’7″ and I saw that the low end of acceptable is 128. Are you KIDDING me?? I would be yucky at 128. I decided to set my goal weight at 155, but I think if i get to 160 I’ll be happy with that.

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