How did time go by so fast?

How did my baby girl:

…become my six year old?

(Photo courtesy of Heather Durdil Photography)

Happy birthday to the girl who made me a mother. You made sure that my first experience with motherhood was anything but typical, just like everything else in my life up to that point. You turned my world upside down, you showed me new depths of love, and you taught me new heights of tolerance. Because of you, I discovered an inner strength I never knew I had.

You’re brilliant, even if you don’t want to show it. You light up a room with your warm, cheery personality, and it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t immediately charmed upon meeting you.

I’m convinced the reason you rarely sleep is because there is too much of the world left for you to discover. Perhaps sleep will come when you’re older. In the meantime, how can we say no to letting you bring book after book to bed with you?

I can’t predict what the future holds for you, Cordelia, but I know you’ll continue to surprise us.

Happy sixth birthday to my Amazon warrior princess.

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  1. Yay – Happy Birthday Cordy! (And congrats to you, Mom, for helping her become such a Successful Six!)

  2. Happy Birfday to Corday! Let there be cake!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Daughter!

    (I’m a lurker, I really enjoy reading your blog. And even if I can’t relate to some of your struggles with health care coverage and therapies (Canadian) It’s a real pleasure to read such insightful and thoughtful discourse.)


  4. Wow. Time really flies so swiftly that your baby is now a very beautiful and charming 6-year old.:-) You must be so proud of having her.:-)

  5. Happy Birthday Cordy! I hope it was wonderful.

  6. I’m a few days behind in my reading, but I hope Cordy had a wonderful birthday. She is a stunning little (big) girl!

  7. Happy birthday Cordelia!

  8. Happy Birthday, Cordy!

  9. So adorable! Time goes way too fast when you have kids.