ComFest Weekend

This was one of those weekends that seems to go on forever, but then on Sunday you realize it’s nearly gone and you desperately try to hold onto the last moments of it before the work week creeps back in.

We spent the majority of our weekend at ComFest – a local community festival that has been a part of Columbus for many, many years. Some call it a big hippie-fest, others an excuse to spend the weekend drunk in a park while listening to indie music, but no matter your reason for being there, it’s always a very relaxed, happy atmosphere.

Yes, you can expect to see a lot of tie-dye. Yes, you see some naked breasts, too. (In Columbus it’s legal, and this is the one time of year when the more outgoing like to test their right to bare all.) You’ll also find a lot of cool, handmade goods for sale, local food, and lots of music.

Normally it’s insanely hot for ComFest, which often keeps us from staying too long. I hate hot weather, and Cordy visibly wilts in the sun. However, this year’s weather has been anything but normal, and we were gifted with a lovely, sunny, and not-too-hot day on Saturday.

I was a ComFest for all of 5 minutes before I felt like I needed to change clothes. My t-shirt felt too plain, and I didn’t want to develop a farmer’s tan with BlogHer only a month away. I quickly found a shop and purchased a cute dress that totally fit in with the ComFest scene.

Aaron was still wearing his homemade Superman costume from our morning trip to the Origins Game Fair. (I have no photos of this. You’ll just have to take my word that he was dressed like Superman.)

Cordy and Mira remember only one thing about ComFest from years past: the kids’ art area. Mira kept referring to ComFest as the “arts festival” several times as a result. (No, Mira, the Arts Festival was in early June.) We took them to the kid art area, and they immediately began scouting for something to do.

I insisted that they get new shirts first, to keep their current shirts clean, so instead of tie-dying ComFest shirts like they’ve done in years past, they used fabric markers to color their shirts and then put them on as smocks. Any additional paint or marker on the shirts would add to the decoration.

Cordy wanted to paint the trees like she did the year before – giant pieces of paper are taped to the trees with paint jars and paintbrushes scattered around for kids to use for their masterpieces. Mira decided she wanted to join in as well. I don’t know how much of the tree she painted, but she did a good job painting herself.

After painting, chalk-drawing and musical-instrument playing, they were ready for a break. We met up with family and friends, grabbed some Jeni’s ice cream (best ice cream ever, of course!), and collapsed under a shady tree for a break.

Husband as Superman still missing from this photo

Overall? A relaxing weekend, and a very good ComFest.

PS – Have you visited my review blog lately? I’m giving away a $100 Walgreens gift card and a Radio Shack weather preparedness kit this week!

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  1. I saw Superman at Origins! VERY awesome!

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