Be Proud!

Yesterday was Cordy’s first day of first grade. We visited her school the day before that to help prepare her for what was to come. She saw her special needs teacher and reacquainted herself with the classroom. Then we went down the hall to meet her first grade teacher and tour the room.

Cordy was shown where her desk is in her new classroom, as well as where to hang her bag and where the computers were located. (The computers were of highest importance to her, of course.) She noticed her name was left off of a list of names on the chalkboard, and promptly asked her teacher to correct the error.

Then yesterday came, and Cordy picked up her loaded backpack for her first bus ride of the year. There were no tears or hesitation – she happily jumped on the bus and kissed Aaron and I goodbye.

And then I waited, hoping for no call from the school.

To my relief, the phone remained silent. Cordy arrived home in the late afternoon, looking far less put together than she did that morning, and clearly tired from a busy first day.

Beautifully disheveled

I tried to get information out of her about how her day went, but of course she refused to cooperate, only stating that it was “some good, some not so good” and ignoring my more detailed questions. Not knowing the real story, I could only hope that the day went well for her.

After dinner, I then saw an email from her special needs teacher, with the subject of “Be Proud!!!” The detailed story of the day was that Cordy did very well in her first grade classroom. She had an aide with her for most of the day, and required some prompting to get started with tasks, but she completed all of her work and remained in the class all day. Even when the aide wasn’t in the classroom, she held her own.

I’m incredibly proud of her, of course. I’m thrilled she had a great first day and hope she continues to impress and amaze her teachers throughout the year. I may never know what’s fully going on in her mind, but I’m so thankful she’s coming out of her little world to share her bright personality¬†with all of us.

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  1. That’s so exciting!! My daughter starts her first day of grade one as well in a week and a half. She is so excited to she all of her classmates! Glad she had a great first day!


  2. Yeah!

  3. Yeah!

  4. That’s so exciting! What did your daughter do about preschool and kindergarten? I’m sure it’s hard to suddenly not know all the details about her day. My daughter is starting kindergarten this year, but I’m homeschooling her, so not much is really changing :) She’s always loved learning, so we’re just going to continue this road and see what happens :)

  5. MN RN Mom says:

    Mine is starting first grade in a week and a half as well. I’m glad Cordy has done so well on her first day!

  6. Hooray!!

  7. Yay, Cordy! Also, seems like a great sign that you got that email from the teacher. Here’s to a great year.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What an amazing teacher, to go with an amazing little girl. Congrats, I hope the year continues with this much success and more!

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