Another Year, Another Chance To Do More

Well, hello there 2012. Pleased to meet you.

With 2011 officially in the history books, I can now reflect back on the year that has passed. I didn’t have a lot of lofty goals for the year, but I’m happy to say that many good things I wanted to see happen did materialize in 2011.

Aaron finding a permanent job? Yep, that happened in the fall, and he loves his job.

Me getting a permanent position and health insurance? Well, no on the first, but we did get health insurance through Aaron’s job, so that’s a win.

Lose another 20 pounds? Not quite. I did finish the year 12 pounds lighter than the end of 2010 (and lost 12 pounds the year before that, too), so I’m quite content with the trend.

More time with the kids? On a daily basis, I’m still disappointed with how little quality time I get with Cordy and Mira. But we did have some fantastic family experiences this year, including a trip to Cedar Point and Lake Erie and our annual vacation to Great Wolf Lodge. Aaron and I agreed that we need to do more small vacations like these in the future, because the memories stick with us far longer than any toy or game we could give the kids.

I still spent 2011 carrying a lot of stress and feeling very uninteresting. But I did get away to two fantastic blogging conferences and felt inspired to start shaping a plan of how I intend to find myself and my happiness again in 2012.

2011 ended better than 2010 (which was better than 2009, etc…) and I’m incredibly grateful for such a strong end to the year. We’re still fighting our way back from the low point in 2008, but we’re determined to keep making each year better than the last.

So then…what’s on the menu for 2012?

First up: FIND MYSELF. I can’t stress this one enough. Through the past few years, I feel like my inner self, my soul, has been washed away in a tide of stress, responsibilities and duty to conform. If I were to be handed a blank piece of paper today and asked to write a short description of who I am – leaving out physical descriptions, job and relationship titles, and medical conditions – I’d be at a loss to come up with little more than I like blue and Lady Gaga, and chocolate chip cookies are my favorite cookie. I guess it’s a start, right? Time to fill up that blank paper with a little more substance by rediscovering myself.

Health and wellness continue to be important for me this year, too. I’ve lost 12 pounds for each of the past two years, so another 12 this year would have me right on the edge of a “healthy” weight. I’ve done it the past two years; I can do it this year as well. I’ve also got a great blogging opportunity coming up soon to help me with this goal. (More on that as soon as I can share it!)

Other than that, I’m not setting any additional expectations on the year. Better to keep my wishes open ended rather than get smacked down by the universe for being greedy in expecting too much. I’m ready to actively find and embrace some good, in whatever form of good the year chooses to reveal to me.

So let’s make it a damn fine year, 2012. Because if, in the first early minutes of 2013, I can reflect back and declare 2012 to be even better than 2011, I’ll consider it another winning year and be so very thankful for the continuing upward trend.

Couldn’t we all use a lengthy streak of good luck?

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  1. I need to rediscover myself, too. Hooray for your rising trends – 2012 will be terrific! XOXO

  2. Yes a little bit of good luck would go a very long way. I don’t have any fantabulous goals, but finding yourself sounds like a great place to start.

  3. Great post. And, I think I know where your 12 lbs for each of the last two years went. 🙁

  4. describe myself with out physical trates, job or illness….is that even a possible task? Crap. You’ve given me a lot to think about.