Operation: Clean Up…or Not

So, those grand plans I had to get all kinds of things done while I was unemployed? Yeah, well, it’s hard to get those done when you’re offered a job a week later.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m beyond THRILLED to be offered a job, and even more so because I’ll be working with a dream team of people at BlogHerAds. It’s only a temporary assignment at the moment, but I plan to prove myself as useful as possible to them while I’m there. Or make them realize they can’t live without me. I do have some mad skillz, yo.

The grand reorganization and cleaning plan is temporarily on hold, or at best on a very extended, slow schedule. But I did already get one task accomplished. See these cups?

Yes, we could provide drinks for an army. And this photo doesn’t even include the sippy cups and kid cups.

These were all the cups cluttering up our kitchen cabinets. The task was to find matching lids for all of them, followed by getting rid of all of the cups missing lids and those that were too worn out to continue staying with us.

After a couple of hours of work, I collected an entire trash bag full of plastic cups to be recycled. Some had no lids, some were lids with no cups to match, and some were older sports bottles and cups from the pre-BPA-free days.

But the results of my efforts were impressive.

What was originally a crowded mess spread across two cabinets is now one cabinet, nicely sorted into kid cups on the bottom level, sports bottles, travel mugs and cold drink cups in the middle, and collectibles on the top row. (With room for more stuff later on the top row.) Success!

Next step? Sorting all of the plastic food storage containers and lids to find matches. The plastic cups were just a warmup to that main event. It might take a few weeks. Or I might scream in frustration, throw them all out and start fresh. We’ll see.

Oh, and I did finish watching all of season one of Downton Abbey. So I guess that’s two things off the list.

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  1. I went on a cleaning spree like that. I cleaned and organized everything in my kitchen and pantry.

    Good luck with yours. It took me about 4 days.

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