A New Milestone – My Favorite Number

Last weekend I went clothes shopping with one of my best friends. Our husbands think it’s hilarious when we go shopping for clothing, only because we’re two of the most non-girly women they know. (OK, I’m actually really girly at blog conferences, but that’s about it.) I like going with her because we’re both sensible enough to know when something isn’t right for the other person, and crazy enough to force each other to step out of our comfort zones to try new things. It’s always a lot of fun.

While we were browsing the jeans, I grabbed a pair of Lee capris to try on, and then noticed they were only a size 8. “Ah, what the hell, I’ll give them a try and see just how far away I am,” I said. Lately I’ve worn a size 10 in Lee jeans, but in the past few weeks I’ve felt one pair feeling awfully baggy. It was my oldest pair of capris, so I assumed the pants had been worn out and must have become overstretched from too much use. Still…I had that nagging curiosity of wondering how close I was to size 8.

I took the pants, along with several others, to the dressing room. As I took the size 8′s off the hanger, I wasn’t sure they’d fit. They looked so small.

I put both feet in and pulled them up. I had to wiggle the waistband over my hips – this isn’t a surprise because Lee is great at making the waist small enough to not gap while still providing enough room in the hips. I buttoned the waist and pulled up the zipper. And then stood in shock, looking in the dressing room mirror.

“Oh my god, they fit!” I exclaimed.

“And they look good, too,” my friend added.

She was right – not only did they fit, they weren’t too tight or too loose. Perfect.

Yes, I bought them. Of all the pants and shorts I tried on, these size 8 capris fit better than anything else.

And today? I’m wearing a size 8. Woo-hoo! Eight has always been my favorite number, and now I have a new reason to love it even more.

As for my weight? Currently holding at 160. Two pounds away from goal, and holding stubbornly. The two pounds will eventually disappear, I have no doubt. For now I’m just happy with all of the progress.

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  1. GO YOU! That’s amazing :) Keep up the good work.

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