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So you know how I’ve said from the very beginning that I’d just like to see 158 lbs, which is the very top of the “healthy” weight range for the BMI charts? And that number has always seemed SO far away?

Well, sometimes it’s just better to let the photo tell the story:

OK, so technically I’m 0.6 lbs from my goal, but that’s still in the 158 lb range so I’m willing to count it.

158. One hundred fifty-eight. I can’t believe I finally get to say this, but I made it!

And just in time, too. BlogHer is this week, the conference that helped me jump start my weight loss efforts many years ago through my “Hot by BlogHer” motivation. And this year I’ll be strutting my stuff on the runway during the BlogHer Fashion Show.

I practiced walking in wedges & a dress at the BBSummit last week.

It’s taken so much work to get here. Lots of counting calories and exercise. Actively making the choice to eat better foods and pack as much nutrition into each bite. Even more rewiring of my brain to not seek out foods to pair with every strong emotion.

Most recently, Slim-Fast has been helping me get these last 15 pounds off, and it’s been a huge help. This year has probably been my busiest year on record, leaving me with little time to plan meals or even eat at home. The shakes have been a life saver for these busy mornings – I drink one shake in the morning and I then have the energy to keep going until lunch.

The snack bars have been great, too. I keep snack bars in my purse so if I’m out of the house and suddenly feel the urge to snack, I can have a 100 calorie Chocolate Nougat Gone Nuts bar instead of a 200+ calorie candy bar. Same taste without going overboard on calories.

Seeing 158 has left me with a big question, though: what next? Wow…I don’t know! Being focused on reaching this goal for so long has me feeling conflicted about my next steps. I’m thrilled to be here, and if I had to stay at this weight forever I think I could even accept it. But I’ll admit it’s still not the body I was expecting. Oh, let’s be honest, I’m never going to have that body after two kids.

Maybe at this point my focus will turn to getting stronger and replacing some of the fat on me with muscle. If that results in a little more weight loss, awesome. If not, I’ll measure progress in how well my clothing fits and how I feel. Feeling healthy and strong is far better than a smaller jeans size. I wouldn’t mind giving myself a five pound cushion for the inevitable fluctuations that happen, but I’m not going to hate myself if it doesn’t happen.

For this week, however, I’m celebrating my accomplishment and having a blast at BlogHer. Next week, I can think more about my next steps and decide the next goal I set for myself.


Disclosure: This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in the Slim-FastĀ® Summer Slim-Down Challenge. Visit to join the conversation.

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  1. That’s amazing! GREAT JOB!

    Maybe the next goal is a training one like a 10k

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