Virus vs Willpower: Virus Wins

Saying “I hate getting sick” is a ridiculous statement. I don’t know a person who LIKES to be sick. Well, maybe kids trying to get out of an exam, but that’s about it.

Most illnesses I fight off quickly and get back to business. Anything involving vomiting will keep me down for a few days, but other than that? I’m usually able to push past it and keep going. If I’m out for a day, I worry everything will fall down around me, because I’m always juggling so many items so very carefully.

But I’m sick. There’s no denying it. Two weeks ago I felt the start of a cold and beat it into submission with vitamins, sleep and spicy foods. That weekend the cold vanished and I gave a sigh of relief that it wasn’t going to get in my way.

Then last Tuesday, while on an Ohio Dairy Adventure trip (more on that later), I started to feel the stuffiness in my nose and a slight sore throat. By Wednesday the congestion had completely overtaken my sinuses. Daaaaaaaaaamn. Still, it was just a cold. Take some decongestants, vitamins and some strong coffee to keep me going and I’d be fine.

By Wednesday night, though, my voice was completely gone. Just a whisper. That’s fine, I’m still feeling OK other than no voice and general cold symptoms. My voice came back over the weekend and the cold seemed to go away. No cold is getting in my way.

But then then cough started. Oh my goodness, this may be the worst cough I’ve ever had. I’m on a steady diet of cough suppressants (including honey) and ibuprofen, but I cough day and night, my head and muscles ache from the coughing, and I’m utterly exhausted. No other symptoms – just a hard, dry cough that won’t stop and leaves me gasping for air at times.

I’m so frustrated because I have no energy or breath to get everything done. It’s maddening to see my to-do list keep growing and not be able to check off items fast enough. 

Next week I hope to bet better or at least have more energy, because I have SO much to write about. Cordy’s IEP meeting happened, and as a result big changes have been going on with her at school. And I want to tell you all about what I learned from meeting these gals last week:

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  1. MN RN Mom says:

    If you’re still having that horrible cough – ask your MD/NP for Tessalon Pearls. They were a godsend for me when I got bad bronchitis and couldn’t stop coughing. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. That’s exactly what I got late on Friday. :) They do help a lot!

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