Wedding Ring Panic Attack

Last night was a fairly normal night of putting the kids to bed and then coming back downstairs to get a little more work done and watch TV.

About half an hour into our child-free time, I suddenly realized something was missing. My left thumb reached across my palm to brush my ring finger, like I do absentmindedly several times a day to adjust my wedding ring, only to realize there was no ring to play with.

Looking down at my hand, I could see it was bare. Where did my ring go?

I’ve been complaining for months that I needed my wedding ring resized. I had to make it larger several years ago to continue wearing it through extra weight and pregnancies. But since losing weight my ring has lost that snug fit, going from tight to comfortable to seeing light between finger and ring.

The ring has far more personal meaning to it than monetary value. We were young and just starting out when we were married, so the rings we selected were nice, but inexpensive. I thought I might upgrade it someday to something a little more fancy,  but this wasn’t the way I wanted to go about doing so.

At first I figured it must have slipped off as I sat on the couch. So I casually started reaching down into the couch cushions to feel for the smooth metal band. Nothing. I then told Aaron that I had lost it as I stood up and began checking my pockets and the floor around me.

We tore apart the couch looking for it as I tried to mentally retrace my steps. I knew it was on earlier in the day, and the backyard was as far as I had gone that day, so at least it had to be somewhere in the house or yard.

I searched the dining room table and kitchen counters before continuing to progress backwards through my evening. I had tucked Mira in and reached under her to give her a hug – maybe it slipped off then? I was like a jewel thief in her room, carefully reaching under her pillow and blankets, trying to not wake the recently asleep child. No good.

And then I heard Aaron say “Found it!” He was in Cordy’s room, where earlier I was straightening out her comforter before bed. The ring had somehow come off as I was smoothing out her sheets.


That was a wake up call to get the ring resized, though. So today we went to a jewelers and handed over my wedding ring – a ring I never take off – to be made smaller. It was a size 7. It will now be a size 5.5. Even my pinky wasn’t that small when I was younger – how is it I’m losing more weight from my fingers than anywhere else?

I’m hoping to have my ring back just before Thanksgiving. But I admit I feel naked without it.

naked hand

It’s the one piece of jewelry I always have on, and the one with the most significance. I keep having moments of panic, wondering where it went, before I remember that it’s with the jeweler. At least when it returns it’ll be much smaller, with less risk of it going astray.

Do other people feel naked without their wedding rings (or other important piece of jewelry or accessory), or am I the oddball? Have you ever lost something of significant personal value by accident?

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  1. I wear a gold bracelet on my right wrist. I’ve had it as long as I can remember, so on the rare occasions when I have to take it off (not easy to do), I get a little panicky when I realize it isn’t there.

  2. Glad you found it!

    I only wear my rings when I leave the house. When I get home, I take them off and put them in the same spot. Then before leaving I slip (cram?) them back on

    It’s funny, I never feel naked without them, but if I forget to put them on, I feel naked without them when I’m out and about.

  3. Lisa Nelsen-Woods says:

    No it doesn’t make you strange. I have to take off my wedding ring and the gold ring I got in high school instead of a glass ring when I twirl flag during band practise or I will flatten them especially my high school ring that is still flat from twirling flag and shouldn’t be unflattened again. It feels weird even for a couple of hours during practice or a performance not to wear my rings. I sometimes wear them on a necklace under my shirt because I feel naked without both of t hem.

  4. Whew. This must have been a scare. I have cried about my wedding ring slipping off and falling into some kind of mess. This thin golden ring (we were young and broke etc etc) is the one and only status symbol that I care about. So if you are strange, I am, too.

  5. Becca said exactly what I was about to: I don’t notice that I’m not wearing them until I’m downtown or at work. At home? I almost never wear my rings and only panic when the cat has been climbing on my jewellery box…