She’s Ready For Her Close-Up

Over the weekend we spent a day with some friends at a beautiful house out in the country. We look forward to this get-together every year, and the kids get excited as the day gets closer, wondering what fantastic toys will be waiting for them this time in the giant backyard.

Mira was especially drawn to some of the dress up toys this year. About halfway through the day, she appeared from the house in costume, and remained that way until dark. Several other kids were wearing costume bits and pieces, too, as they took up plastic swords to defend the play castle in the middle of the backyard. Mira had a lot of fun playing “storm the castle” even though she insisted she was a superhero, not an invader.

I went into the backyard to take some photos of the kids playing. Mira was walking away from the castle, taking a moment to enjoy some lemonade. Then she saw me, and realized I was taking pictures.

And then this happened. First, the recognition:

Mira taking a break

Then, she suddenly stopped, straightened her posture, and looked past me without saying a word.

Mira's distant look with smirk

And finally, the face. A look of…boredom? Disdain?

Mira's model pose

She froze like this for at least 30 seconds. I took a couple of photos, saw her still standing like that, and asked her what she was doing.

She replied, “I’m posing for you. I call this ‘Supergirl taking a break.'”

Mira said that was her model pose.

How do you not laugh?

I should sign this kid up for acting classes soon. She’s ready to be famous, and she’s already got the attitude for it.

Model MiraI should also prepare to see that look ALL the time when she’s a teenager.

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  1. Aside from the acting lessons, you should also have her model. It could go toward the college fund.

  2. Her eyes are magical! Just stopping by to welcome you to the Social Fabric Community!
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  3. Lovely!
    Skye recently posted…Well, he won that roundMy Profile