About me

ChristinaHi, I’m Christina and I currently reside in Columbus, Ohio. Sharing this house with me include my husband, Aaron, and our two children, Cordelia and Miranda. A couple of lazy, heat-seeking cats are often seen near the fireplace, too, along with Cosmo the Wonder Pup.

My background:

Long before I was a mom, I had dreams of being a professor of history, with my focus on Elizabethan England. For 10 years I played the reality show version of the Renaissance as a performer at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, where I met my husband. Grad school didn’t go as planned, though, and soon I was working from home as a technical writer. Life was pretty good.

Enter parenthood. I soon quit my job to pursue a part-time job at a local university and a larger role as a mommy. Two years later, I became a stay-at-home mom when Mira was born.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that once I switched to part-time, I also went back to school for a nursing degree. I graduated in June 2009 and became a labor & delivery nurse as soon as I got my RN license. I then worked for a call-in service that helps new parents with questions about caring for their baby. After my shift was eliminated, I went back to working in tech, now working from home in the blog world.

Walking the runway at BlogHer '12Why blogging?

Starting my blog was an attempt to not only chronicle my child’s life (the empty baby books still taunt me), but also to find other moms who could reassure me that no, I’m not crazy, and yes, whatever my child is doing has happened to someone else, too.

Since then, blogging and social media have brought me a wealth of new friends, and a community that is sometimes scary and awe-inspiring in how unified and supportive it can be. Has my life changed because of blogging? Yes, and in most ways for the better.


If you’d like to get in touch with me, please visit my Contact page.

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