Keep Your Marriage Healthy

While we’ve had our bumps along the way, I’d generally say that my marriage is in pretty good shape. Before we were married, an issue forced us into counseling, but through that we learned how to communicate with each other and actually address our issues before they blew up into big problems. Even now, Aaron and I often recommend counseling to friends who confide relationship problems to us. We sincerely believe it can help if both partners are committed to improving their relationship.

But what if you don’t have time to go see a counselor, or what if you’d simply like to do a little preventative maintenance on your relationship? A counselor isn’t always the most practical solution. Which is why eHarmony (yes, the singles site) has created the eHarmony Marriage site.

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Google Without The Spam

As an Internet-age parent, I rely on Google far too often to help me when I need advice. After all, I’d rather have the advice of someone going through the same things I am than ask my mom, who hasn’t had a newborn in over 30 years.

But Google, with its wide net, will find anything with the search terms you put in. So if you enter anything containing the words breast, diaper, bad mom, spanking, or other parenting-related terms, you are likely to get at least a quarter of your returns pointing you to spam sites, or porn or fetish site by accident. What’s a mom to do when she just wants the information without sloshing through the slime of the Internet to find it?

I was excited when Parent Bloggers told me about Light Iris.

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Who Knew Potty Time Was So Exciting?

Some people I know have kids who potty trained, by their own desire, right around two years old. No begging, no cajoling, no reward charts. For the other 99% of us, however, potty training just isn’t that easy. In fact, some of us (uh…me) are starting to worry that preschool may have to be postponed because of a lack of interest in potty training.

Cordy got a potty seat shortly after she was two years old. Since then, it has served as a TV watching chair, a step-stool, a place to hide her toys, and a crayon canvas. The idea of sitting her bare bottom on that seat with the draft underneath is laughable to her. She knows when she’s “yucky”, but seems reluctant to give up her diapers.

I was asked to review the DVD, Go Potty Go, for the Parent Bloggers Network. Sure thing, bring in the reinforcements, I thought. Cute panda bear twins and their animal friends teaching about the potty sounded like fun to me.

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