Who’s Writing This, Anyway?

Hi, I'm Christina. I currently reside in Columbus, Ohio. No cow-town jokes, please - I've heard them all before. Sharing this house with me include my husband, Aaron, and our two children, Cordelia … [Continue reading...]

Why Have Kids?

Today I was speaking with my brother-in-law's girlfriend (BIL'sGF), and CNN was on in the background. We both stopped at one point when they were reporting about some horrible thing happening in the … [Continue reading...]

Ahem….I Have An Announcement

Last night, at approximately 8:45pm, my husband Aaron completed the NaNoWriMo challenge and finished his first novel! On November 1, after reading about the challenge, he decided to try writing … [Continue reading...]

Go To Sleep, Cordelia

It's approximately 1pm here, and Cordy is currently awake, having just finished lunch, and is watching the Wiggles, enraptured. There has been no nap yet.Cordy has never been big on naps. Once she … [Continue reading...]

Parenting Lesson of the Day

What happens when you leave a toddler visually unsupervised near a box of tissues for 5 minutes?This: … [Continue reading...]

The Talents of Children

Today was a special day for me. Every 6 weeks or so, I'm asked to work a Saturday rotation at the university, and when that happens, my Wednesday schedule is cut by 4 hours. So not having to go into … [Continue reading...]

Yes, I WANT My Child to Walk!

At my job, I have a few pictures of my daughter on my desk. When I meet with students, I often get so many comments on Cordelia's pictures. Many of these students are non-traditional, older students … [Continue reading...]