What’s A ‘Bad Hair Day’, Mommy?

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Super Tantrums – She Must be Feeling Better

Cordelia didn't go to the pediatrician today. She seemed to be feeling better this morning, and the rash was already starting to diminish. After cross-referencing with other Web sites, books, and more … [Continue reading...]

Is it Roseola?

Looks like we're planning a trip to the pediatrician early morning walk-in hours tomorrow. Cordy's not-so-well feeling has now turned into a nearly full-body rash. Thank goodness I'm not the panicky … [Continue reading...]

When Parenting Isn’t Fun

Something about Cordelia hasn't been right the past few days. While she's still playing, and still throwing tantrums with just as much volume, it's obvious to all who are close to her that something … [Continue reading...]

Let the Shopping, er, Holidays Begin!

Today was Black Friday, when people everywhere give in to commercialism to venture out into the cold and pre-dawn morning, while trying to push and shove and trample their fellow human beings, all for … [Continue reading...]

Thanksgiving on the Run

Ah, Thanksgiving. A day of rest and relaxing with family. Well, that is, if your family is all in one place. For me, the husband and toddler, this meant a day driving to and from the houses of various … [Continue reading...]

Snow for the Holidays

A message to Ohio drivers on the eve of Thanksgiving:Hi everyone. Most of you have lived in this state for more than one year, I'd guess. Therefore, you know what Ohio weather can be like, and … [Continue reading...]