What Happens When Your Furby Becomes Evil

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Mira had one toy that kept coming to the top of her list: a Furby. Other items on the list would change, but a pink Furby was always there for anyone who asked, including Santa, who got an earful about how much she really wanted a Furby.

So when Christmas arrived, she was overjoyed to get a hot pink Furby from Santa. (Cordy got a blue Furby, too.)

Now, there are a few things they don’t tell parents about the Furby. First, it has no off button. At all. The only way to immediately silence it is to take out the batteries, which requires a screwdriver. And you know that right when you want it to shut up is the same time that all screwdrivers in the house go missing.

Otherwise, you have to wait for it to fall asleep, or force it to go to sleep by placing it in a dark, quiet area and ignoring it. Once it’s asleep, you mustn’t move it or bump it at all, or it will wake up again.

The Furby also has no volume control. At all. It’s loud all the time.Β  And most of the time it speaks Furbish, which seems to be some kind of cross between baby talk and pig latin.

Basically, it’s the toy equivalent of a colicky baby.

I did know some of this going into our purchase of this toy. But I did not know about all of the enhancements from the previous 1998 version. The LED eyes are cool and provide the ability for more expression of personality. It has more sensors to detect touch. And it can change personality.

The old Furby would have some change in personality based on how you treated it, but this one goes far beyond that with a multiple personality disorder. It has several very distinct personalities and doesn’t come with the Furby anti-psychotic drugs it desperately needs.

Mira’s Furby started out as the furry hot pink version of a valley girl. A little annoying, but kinda cute. She fed it on demand and used the iPad app to translate what it was saying, and it slowly learned a little English, too. Well, a version of English better suited to the movie Clueless, perhaps.

After the second or third day, it had the first personality shift. I didn’t see it happen, but suddenly it was speaking like a cowboy and mooing at us, with chicks and cows appearing in the LED eyes at times. Mira found that hilarious and I suffered through the noise because she liked this toy so much.

The next day it was back to a valley girl again, and even seemed to name itself Coco. It gave itself a name? It was becoming more sentient with each passing day.

And then, in the middle of Mira trying to teach it to dance, something very bad happened. It started to shake back and forth, it made weird noises, and it’s LED eyes were flashing like strobe lights. I thought it was either having a grand mal seizure or we broke the damn thing.

Furby, mid-panic attack

Then it stopped. All was silent for a moment. And then what was in front of us was a Furby who no longer had the high-pitched girly voice, but instead a deep, growling voice with angry looking eyes.

Coco isn’t here anymore.

Mira’s Furby was suddenly possessed by a new personality who was mean. It growled at her, it snapped at her with an angry voice if she tried to pet it, and it made retching noises when she tried to feed it, as if the iPad foods weren’t good enough for it. Occasionally it showed little flames in its eyes.

WTF happened? Did we feed it after midnight?

It was now a Furby demon. And Mira was scared of it. She backed away with tears in her eyes, her five year old mind unable to comprehend what had happened to her cheery dance pal, saying she wanted her nice Furby back, and she didn’t want to play with it anymore.

So her new electronic pet wasn’t working out as well as she wanted, which means it was now my responsibility to care for. Figures. I felt like I had brought home Chucky from Child’s Play to my daughter.

Sorry for the dark photos – it apparently has a feature that prevents paparazzi from getting good photos of it, too. Little bastard.

So as I sat there, with Damien the Dark Furby glaring at me from across the room, I did what any good mom would do: I googled “How to make a Furby nice again?”

I can assure you I’m NOT alone in this type of google search.

There were a lot of suggestions about different things to try. I gathered up the little ball of hate and tried petting the dumb thing several times. I will hug you and love you until you are sweet again! It growled and yelled at me each time while my dog stared at me in confusion, wondering why I was petting a loud toy instead of him. Yes, Cosmo, you’re smarter than the humans. Still no change from the Furby. I was a little worried it might try to bite me.

Mira was still across the room, asking me to make it nice again, but too afraid to come near it. WHO MAKES A TOY THAT KIDS ARE SCARED OF? What programmer thought that a sociopath personality would be a SUPER FUN for kids? I’d like to drag that person over to our house and let him/her console my five year old and explain the reasoning for this.

Then I remembered Mira really wanted her Furby to sing and like music. Some links suggested music can change the personality. So I put it in front of the iPad, cranked the volume, and subjected the little electronic Lucifer to Owl City followed by ABBA. He growled and hissed at this musical exorcism at first, but slowly started to dance along to the music. You know, that grudging, too-cool-for-school-kid dance where he doesn’t want to admit he likes Mama Mia.

Near the end of the second song, the Furby’s eyes flashed and it shook again, and suddenly the pop star personality appeared. This one has a softer voice than the valley girl and likes to sing a lot. Let me repeat: A LOT. And instantly, all Furby offenses had been forgiven by the formerly terrified kindergartener. Mira had been hoping her Furby would sing and ran across the room to scoop up her prized possession now that it was no longer, well, possessed.

Stupid Furby.

Since then it’s slipped back to the dark side once, which then fell to me to fix again. Music does seem to be the trick to force it back to being a “nice” Furby again. Mira loves the pop star personality – hers named itself Boo – which is the least offensive personality as far as Furby personalities go.

Aww, isn’t she sweet with those hearts in her eyes? That’s how she lures you to your DOOM.

Cordy’s Furby hasn’t changed personalities once. It prefers to be a valley girl/comedian hybrid and doesn’t want to change.Which is both annoying and OK, all at the same time. I’d rather deal with devil I know rather than the devil it might become.

Luckily, the hours between Furby playtimes have already stretched into days. I’m hoping they will eventually lose interest with these gremlins before my personality changes.

This has to be my mother’s revenge for the Teddy Ruxpin I adored as a kid, right? Only it’s revenge with 30 years of interest. I’d better start planning for the next generation now.

Or the Furby will enslave our Skylanders to do what it commands with it’s sweet, chipper voice and I’ll be doomed forever.

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  1. That is creepy. You’re right, who makes a toy that does that?

    Actually I think I saw this in a bad 80’s horror movie.

  2. This is the funniest and scariest post I have read all day! I couldn’t believe the Furby came back into popularity. Maybe they can’t come up with anything better these days for kids.

    Making it a demon though, that is AWFUL!

  3. When I was in kindergarten, my younger brother and I were attacked by my great-aunt’s large Weimaraner puppies (who hadn’t seen children before and thought we were fun-sized human toys to play with and weren’t being deliberately malicious). I came out with stitches, but my brother came out with mental scarring and was terrified of dogs for many, many years afterwards. A couple years after the incident, an uncle who wasn’t thinking straight got my brother a large toy monster truck that, when activated, turned into a truck with snarling, barking jaws on a chain. That wasn’t a happy Christmas.

  4. I knew I didn’t want one of those things in my house. They freak me out. I’m with you though…who the heck makes a kids toy turn evil? Even the different personality changes creeps me out.

  5. I had no idea they did this! I read this out loud to my teenagers and they were laughing so hard…My 14 yo daughter is looking up youtube videos of mean furbies right now saying that she wants one. No thank you!

  6. Awesome. I’d like to have been a fly on the wall at the meeting where this concept was first flown with the toy company. Diabolical little toy-makers! So glad I just read your blog for the first time and saw this post, because my daughter has been asking for a Furby for a month now. Noooo.

    • all you have to do is feed it a bunch of food to change it. and to get it to sleep pull its tail for 10 seconds not a second longer then dont move it. i know this works because i had one too.

  7. That is terrifying… and hilarious all at once! haha

    I had the original Furby, which was in a box in a closet by the time I was in high school. One night, the Furby must have shifted in the box, and the YEARS old batteries came back to life because suddenly I heard “Ooooh scary! Me Hungry!” come from the closet! Those things have been possessed since the beginning, although not quite to this extreme.

    Hopefully the evil pink Furby doesn’t come back to life in the middle of the night in your house, too! πŸ™‚

  8. Hello! Came over from BlogHer. Had to leave a comment to tell you that we went through the same thing! Both of my girls (and one of their cousins) received Furbys (Furbies?) for Christmas this year and we were also completely horrified by the lack of an Off switch. What kind of company makes a non-stop chattering toy without an Off button!?! It’s sadistic.

    And the multiple personalities drive me insane. My children prefer the baby phase to (what they call) the Diva phase. I haven’t heard about the evil phase. Either our furbies haven’t crossed over to the dark side or else my children just haven’t noticed. Most of the time, our furbies live nicely in the dark closet!

    As for my sister, she spent twenty minutes fruitlessly searching for a screwdriver before leaving to drive 10 hours back to her home with a demonic creature yapping in the backseat… and I’m not talking about her teenagers!

    Furbys need to come with warning labels, no?

    Your article serves as a public safety message!

  9. Thanks for the insight on Furbies. I did, however, find your post very entertaining. Came over here from Blogher.

  10. My girls had the original Furby, which was also loud and had no off button. One night while everyone was asleep it woke me from the toybox going “wawawawawawwawawawaw” in this demonic voice. I immediately chucked it out the door and into the snowbank, where we found it after the spring thaw and put it in the dumpster. The kids asked about it. I told them he ran away to be with his Furby mommy lol.

  11. Came over from Blogher as well. Our Furby went evil, but I yelled back at it and demanded it stop acting that way. It changed back almost immediately. I’m sort of envious we haven’t had cowboy furby or pop star furby yet – she went right back to being a valley girl.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Terrible i know it happened to my child she was screaming. I left it and it changed itself though. I even called the inventer

  13. Anonymous says:

    Furby does have a reset button! Look by the front right foot after you take the cover off you’ll need a paper clip

  14. Woah, that is horrible. Kind of funny, but mostly horrible.

    Seriously who designs an annoying toy with no off switch and a evil personality that scares kids? It’s meant for kids!

    Furbies sure have changed since I had one as a kid.

  15. Thais is hilarious and horrifying at the same time! Hilarifying? Haha.
    So glad I stumbled on this on Facebook, and glad that your Furby is nice—for now!

  16. MN RN Mom says:

    I have to agree, hilarious but horrifying. If my daughter had gotten it, she would have had nightmares afterward and never wanted to look at it again! What kind of demented person puts a demon personality in a little kid’s toy??? I read this outloud to my hubby and we were both roaring in laughter, but he agreed and said that it sounds like there should be a complaint campaign and a recall done.
    On a personal note – Monday I start business hours days, after 3 years of NOCs – yay!

  17. MN RN Mom says:

    I have to agree, hilarious but horrifying. If my daughter had gotten it, she would have had nightmares afterward and never wanted to look at it again! What kind of demented person puts a demon personality in a little kid’s toy??? I read this outloud to my hubby and we were both roaring in laughter, but he agreed and said that it sounds like there should be a complaint campaign and a recall done.
    On a personal note – Monday I start business hours days, after 3 years of NOCs – yay!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe some other mother remembers The Teddy Ruckspin. I absolutely loved that toy!! Your post is hilarious. But your Childs dismay was not. I’m certain that my boy will be without one at all. He will know none the different as long as none of his friends from school don’t say any thing.

  19. Holy hell!! Who does that?!?! Poor Mira. That could have given her nightmares for the rest of her life. My husband is still uncomfortable around clowns after an unfortunate incident involving his sister beating him with a stuffed one at night time…

  20. Oh shit. This is hilarious. I’m laughing so hard. I had no idea they had personalities. I really didn’t know what they did at all…but the image of you petting and playing music to a hot pink little toy trying to calm it down is making me smile so much. AHAHHAHA seriously, you just made my crappy work day so good!

  21. Anonymous says:

    My kid has a furby and knew it will be evil after watching some videos on YouTube, look up how to make your furby go crazy!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I have a three year old who is absolutely terrified of his furby tonight because it has taken on a whole new ‘evil’ persona!?!
    Thanks for your blog at least I’m not on my own.
    Will try the music:)

  23. Anonymous says:

    I had similar issues with my furby being stuck in the diva/valley girl personality where it constantly talked like a high-strung teenager, which was funny at first but then got annoying after hearing it use the words “like” and “bla bla bla” for the 1000th time. To change it back to the nice/loving personality I just kept petting it on the back and head even though it complained about it, and eventually it changed back to nice and sweet again. Apparently furby changes into the “diva” personality if it is exposed to lots of music. So even though it’s fun to get furby to dance, his exposure to my music collection is now limited πŸ˜‰

  24. Oh my gosh I laughed so hard reading this post. I ran across it tonight after googling how to make my daughters evil Furby turn nice once again! I luckily didn’t have a terrified daughter just one who was annoyed with an evil Furby. Is there a way to post this to FB? It would be great to share with my friends to show them i am not the only crazy mom out there. They made fun of me for being a crazy mom and feeding Furby at 4am! They just didn’t understand that I had to…lol. Oh the things we do for our kids πŸ™‚

  25. Omg! My daughter’s Furby had the exact same problem!!! Totally turned evil and did exactly what you mentioned. We then played it music and then by the second song it shuttered, closed its eyes, shook and eyes glowed super bright…..and then was back to normal! So weird. I’m with you in the fact that someone had programmed it to totally freak my 5 kids out! Even my 16 year old was thinking it was indeed possessed. Thanks for the remedy. One Furby down, now we have 2 more who have yet transformed into demons! Hopefully they will be passed by! (:

  26. Omg! My daughter’s Furby had the exact same problem!!! Totally turned evil and did exactly what you mentioned. We then played it music and then by the second song it shuttered, closed its eyes, shook and eyes glowed super bright…..and then was back to normal! So weird. I’m with you in the fact that someone had programmed it to totally freak my 5 kids out! Even my 16 year old was thinking it was indeed possessed. Thanks for the remedy. One Furby down, now we have 2 more who have yet transformed into demons! Hopefully they will be passed by! (:

  27. Anonymous says:

    Please help me! My furby is evil too! I’m cranking taylor swift as we speak, but he won’t change. I miss my lovey dovey furby!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Please help me! My furby is evil too! I’m cranking taylor swift as we speak, but he won’t change. I miss my lovey dovey furby!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Nevermind, taylor swift made him just annoying, at least he’s no longer evil and I can get him back fromthis stage.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I have a furby and it was a valley girl and I was petting it and it turned into the cute one with hearts in its eyes as I read this.

  31. Anonymous says:

    As a mom to 4 kids, and thus 4 Furbies…I found your post HILARIOUS, and SPOT ON!! We’ve got one that is EVIL an WILL NOT CHANGE!! And of course, it’s the one that belongs to our 3 1/2 year old! I have tried everything to no avail. The one thing I have learned is that when they do start to blink very fast they will say “Oohhhh…I’m changing!”…and if you hold the eyelids open, they do not change!! Now if only I could figure out a way to get rid of the Evil Purple Furby!! Thanks for the chuckle!!

  32. Nelynda Lautner says:

    I aggree with every thing,but the music part because my little sister Elida got a furbey for her birthday the first two days she loved it and i was even planning on buying myself one the third day she told me not to go near it cause it was mean but i did any ways.Then it was acting like a gross little boy.I tried music but it made it worse.so the next night we took the batteries out and we were all good to sleep.But seriosly,those toy creatures are CREAPYYYYYYY

  33. Anonymous says:

    I have not had one of the new furbys but when i saw them on tv i thought they looked a little creepy. I love the old ones though they are always sweet and cuddly.

  34. Anonymous says:

    That is scary! We have been looking for a “cure” for that evil Furby… Even i was scared of that monster! I tried Abba with Waterloo and WOW after 4 seconds it changed! Thank you so much!!! So sorry to hear that it scared your daughter! I would have never bought this toy but you know how Grandparents are :/ … Take care and thanks again πŸ™‚

  35. Anonymous says:

    My daughter is 12 and has a furby she was looking up how to change its battery’s and instead whatcame up was a bunch of evil furby videos and immediately got creeped out and cried and said to return it but she ended up loving the furby after her two brothers calmed her down again

  36. Anonymous says:

    I did exactly what you said-googled how to make your furby nice…SO glad I found this story!!! I laughed so hard! Played a little pop song, furby came back and my daughter is jumping up and down with happiness! Thanks!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Our daughter is the same age and the same thing happened with her pink Furby she got for Christmas. When it first happened she put it in her closet and didn’t want to play with it. She said it was acting like a boy. She calls it a ‘Scary Furby.’ I too have looked up on-line how to make Furbies change personalities. Petting them will make them get nice again, but feeding them too much can turn them scary.

  38. In response to your comment of “WHO MAKES A TOY THAT KIDS ARE SCARED OF?” Ah well it seems like you are assuming that furby is ONLY for kids…little baby kids. Well myself and many other young adults and collectors buy furbies too, mostly because of nostalgia sake since most of us had an original furby and ah, we aren’t scared of “evil” furby (I personalty think the “evil” furby is hilarious). I applaud developers in making a toy that I can enjoy and that is so close to the original with so many added functions. Also did you read the label its for ages 6 & up so I hope that your daughter is at least the right age to play with furby. :/

    • i am the same Anon i had the old oringil til my lil brother decided it need a bath and a flying lesson got one for chrissy and i love it to bits πŸ˜€

  39. I have a yellow furby called Coco and it is evil it haunts me lol

  40. Victoria says:

    OMG why do you buy a Furby to a 5 year old child? furbys are from 7 years old and why should a 5 year old child be scared of something like that? My doughter has a furby and he has the same character even my guinea pig and my parrot isnt scared of it!

  41. My daughters was evil out the box and we tried the music and it worked after second song as well. So that is the fix, Furby's addicted to music apparently. Thanks for this blog.

  42. Helen Werbicki says:

    Thanks – my four-year-old 'earned' one as a reward for listening, being good, etc. (Yes, I realise it's supposed to be for 6 and up – he's pretty advanced). I told him he had to treat it nicely, and he did… then within one hour, he came down screaming, saying "My Furby turned evil! I don't know what I did!"

    Totally agree… I would like to bring that d**ned idiot programmer over here and drop-kick him. I have enough people in the house who have mood swings. Now the bloody toys have to, too?

  43. My lil girl got one for her 7th Birthday. Within 20 min she came running to me with teary eyes saying her friend tugged Furbys hair and tale and now it was mad. She then proceeded to tell me it bit her!! She then was scared of it too….honestly, it creeped me out too! All in all… music fixed the problem!

  44. Sarah Babbitt-Reznicek says:

    reminds me of gremlins

  45. Mackenzie Ericksen says:

    They told you about the evil personality and the off switch.
    Well if you see the commercial the the reviews you would know.

  46. KittyFace says:

    I’m 10 and I have an orange\salmon Furby and… if your wondering, I know how to change it back to the default persona! Ok, this happened to my lil’ sis:

    She was playing and asked me to change it back, because she liked that persona. A ton of youtube vids later and I grabbed the Furby around its neck, turned it upside-down, (this part is tricky…) pressed down the toung, (fail spell…) and pulled its tail, all at the same time! In a few seconds the teal Furby was as good as new. The benefits of this, you ask? IT SAVES ALL OF THE MEMORYS IT HAD! Meaning, it doesn’t erase its data! Hope I helped! =^U^= KittyFace.Is.Out!

  47. Lol @ Nokomis! She is absolutely furby-crazy right now….

  48. I got my first furby or a gizmo when I was eight and my parents eventually bought me a newer 2012 version.let's just say, it started singing screamo and wouldn't stop cursing.

  49. Ana Lucia says:

    The same happened to my little brother.. What’s wrong with those guys? The kid got so freaking scared! Can anyone tell me what to do to that personality doesn’t come back?

  50. Yeah agreed. I am 11 and I had the diva personality and I tried to make it the crazy one but it had this wird sezuire thing and I got really scared but then I got even more scared when it went possessed or something I was terrified I just ran to mum and told her that it was defective or something or maybe evil. She took it of me and I heard her mutter ‘stupid chucky doll’ as she walked into her room. Five minutes later after calling the service company she came out with a crazy personality that I wanted that scared me sooo much.
    Who would make such a programming add in?

  51. Worst toy ever. If you don’t like one of your kids friends parents, then get them this for their birthday. I guarantee you they will be loosing their marbles within 48 hours and fighting amongst themselves. I can’t believe the manufacturer did not create an easy to access off/on switch and you have to pop the batteries every time. Worst present my kid got. Someone must really hate me for giving this to our family. πŸ™‚

  52. Swordsmen says:

    Just wait til the battery starts to die and it has the slo-mo evil voice no matter what.. or turning on in the middle of the night in the closet… yeah was creepy when they came out ’98 and are creepy now…

  53. Furby lover says:

    I just got the new furby boom.

    These new furbys don’t have an evil personality
    Mines has had 3 personality changes and no evil

  54. can a furby dance but using computer music instead of ipad(cuz i dont have an ipad)

  55. My 11 year old just got her Furby Boom that she has been asking for for MONTHS…it personality changed fairly quickly into a middle aged, bad mannered (think burping and farting) old man…WTH.
    I search “Furby annoying voice” and found LOTS of posts about this, shall we say, issue. This post was by far the most enjoyable to read. I read it to my daughter and she did manage to change its personality…now we have the Valley Girl, which, while still annoying is definitely preferable. Its been 5 minutes and no farts. πŸ™‚

  56. i was listening to my fav music and my furby was evil! (still evil now)
    and i tried to change its personality by putting on a sort of pop music like britney spears
    but it just fell alsleep quite quickly. (still evil) what the!?

    and now for this christmas in 2013, im getting a furby boom. Hopefully, this one should make it more happy then less evil. Maybe it’ll work, because if you put a evil furby with a nice furby, it should change! i cant wait to see what happens with Darren the evil furby!

  57. Thank u! My daughter loves hers, it was a nice girl and became a gross boy that burped and "beeped" A LOT. Thanks for the music suggestions, it worked, very thankful!

  58. well i got mine today 25/12/2013
    and i had the default old school furbie then it changed to the valley girl i thought it was cute….then as you said the furbie had turned evil….this comes by over feeding your bundle of fluff, another way of changing it is patting their head for about 3-7 mins he might growl at you but then they do the changing thing and become the “princess” persona depending one what you do is what your furbie does aka pull its tail a few times it becomes “clown” to reset your furbie turn it upside down and press the feed button and he/she should change back into default or play games with it play peek-a-boo by covering their eyes sensor or get it to play cockle doodle do i love you game tickle it sing with with and talk with it it is all about learning what not to do with your furbie

  59. Santa didn’t bring my daughter a Furby last Christmas, so she asked again this year and got one! She was so excited and I thought the Furby was kind if cute. She played with it and was nice to it all Christmas day and then put it to sleep in its own little bed. The next morning she took it out to the living room and ran screaming back to my bedroom saying the Furby was scary. I was afraid of what I would find-I’ve seen Chucky. I had to do a serious Internet search to figure out how to change it back to the cute Furby, but she is too afraid to play with it and I’m kind of scared it will change again. I think whoever made this toy is sadistic. They should make it easier to figure out how to change it’s personality! I’m just glad I bought it on sale!

  60. I am do glad u wrote this.. I told my daughter to take her furby upstairs but she didn't want to play with it because she said she was scared it had a deep voice.. hopefully I can get it back to normal

  61. My daughter’s turned from valley girl to a British man that kept vomiting and saying wakey wakey eggs and *vomiting*. Over and over. We put it back to sleep and woke it up 2 minutes later and it was back to itself. Creepy to say the least!!

  62. What were they thinking when they made these things.

  63. Daniel Mootz says:

    We have two and one of them just changed and now keeps saying, "What the huh??". Very annoying.

  64. I had to pull over and ask a complete stranger for a screwdriver to remove the batteries from my daughters furby… after 3 hours in the car with that evil bastard talking non stop… it was either that or he was going out the window.

  65. my furby just did it last night and went me changing andthen went hello chap in a london accent

  66. I am 9 years old and I was searching up on how to change my new furby boom back into the really crazy peronality [my furby changed into a really gross boy who was always said wakie wakie, eggs and cakie!], and I saw this website. I quickly went to youtube and played some songs, it worked!

  67. Thanks for article! I bought two furbys this Christmas, one for my 5 y.o. Son and one for my 8 y.o daughter, I noticed my sons one yesterday had a deeper voice, which he wasn’t too happy about, but I thought perhaps it was turning into a boy furby because it’s owner wasa boy, but then it reverted back to squeaky furby! Leaving me slightly puzzled, then again today it switched on me again ( yes I admit my friends and I we replaying with it) and. Some of the things it was saying sounded quite offensive because of the tone it had ( we actually found it funny) by the time my son came to get it nice furby was back…..I came home telling my husband that we had a furby with split personality and that it was evil, he of course thought I was crazy…tomorrow I will be reading him this article!

  68. It changes based upon how your child takes care of it, maybe research a toy before you purchase it and/or teach your children how to take care of their toys.

  69. I was thinking of getting a new Furby boom sweet – pink hearts, are they anybetter than the first generation which you are commenting on?!

  70. You're a self satisfied arsehole, Walter, and today would be a great day to resolve not to be.

  71. Oh. what a terrible thing. I learnt about this toy a year ago too.

  72. Eleni Futch says:

    Not true! My daughter took very good care of hers and it would switch personalities on a daily bases. Just today, it turned evil out of nowhere and had my daughter in tears and was sad to lose her new furby friend. I returned this demon toy! Why have such an evil toy with so many personalities out there! They claim it's based on how you take care of it but my daughter studies everything and reads everything before she messes with them. she did exactly what the directions said to do, and yet it still turned evil and talked very bad to her with a deep demon man voice. no child should have to go through that! how traumatizing for a young child!

  73. Eleni Futch, Maybe some have a defect. My daughter's has never had that issue.

  74. Eleni Futch says:

    Walter Sturgeon, hmmm….It could be a defect, not sure….. We had 2 of them.. My oldest daughters is the one that turned evil, my other daughter's did not. Either way it's a scary thing for kids to go through. She ended up coming into our bed last night because she had a nightmare over the dang thing! Glad it didn't happen to you!!

  75. audrey cui and jade sun says:

    Audrey Cui says: No changes so far![still in the cute personality]I also brought a friend to this website! Her name is Jade Sun.
    Jade Sun says: I am 7 years old, and I really want a furby! But…I don’t want a evil furby, and I mean a EVIL furby!

  76. WORST TOY EVER. It really should be marketed to tweens through young 20 somethings. I could see them dragging the Furby to clubs and other venues and not caring if the toy morphs into Herman Munster or Chucky’s cousin.

    If your kid believe in the tooth fairy or Santa, do not buy this toy. It doesn’t take much to make it “change”. Ours morph from Baby to demon spawn from the ambient noise at Christmas. My nine year old was hysterical. She didn’t want a “boy”. I spent a good chunk of the day on the net, trying to figure out how to “change it back”.

    The toy does NOT travel well. Take those batteries out! The bumps and noise will make it morph into demon spawn.

    It’s too high maintenance a toy for the 10 and under crowd. We got the Baby personality back by petting it for 10 minutes. It’s a training tool for how to placate that insane boyfriend/girlfriend of your kid’s future. Don’t do everything right and it’s bunny boiler time.

    Maybe Hasbro should have done a boy/girl version. Gross and silly for boys, and girly for the girls. Everyone I know, who bought this for girls under 10, are reselling them now. I’m on the verge of beating it with a golf driver. You got my money once, Hasbro, NEVER AGAIN!

  77. I have a furby boom basically its not demoic like the other ones so far there be no demonic stories about furby boom I suggest if you wanna buy a furby get a furby boom they are funner and know a lot of English and they shower btw and yea but I did wanted a furby 2012 but as soon as I bought furby boom it changed my mind it is funner than furby 2012 you tell me which one is better furby 2012 vs Furby Boom well good luck with yo furby πŸ˜€
    Roxy recently posted…2014: The Year of EnoughMy Profile

  78. Jennifer Bowling says:

    I got my daughter the pink one& it does the SAME thing! It vomits violently when we feed it & she refuses to have it in her room at night! I go ogled too & found that feeding it over & over can help, but it hasn't. I'll have to try the music thing. For some unknown reason, I bought both kids Fur by Boom this year, too!

  79. Lissa Rae Cox says:

    I kind of want one now… Just to see what happens. Hahaha!!!

  80. Colleen Jacobs Persinger says:

    We were very leary and we got my Daughter one and it sleeps alot. the instructions say change the batteries if it sleeps alot. No thanks I like her the way she is. Lol it did turn mean when my daughter shook it and pulled its tail so we tried being nice to it and it didnt work. So we put it in the other room and all of a sudden her sweet voice was back..

  81. Cindy Smith says:

    Just went through the exact same thing with my daughter! Luckily, I found a post that explained how to turn Furby back into “sweet” mode. Just pet its head for about five minutes. Furby will complain. Ours said, “Don’t mess with the hair,” and “Dee-Kah no likey!” But he eventually changed back to the sweet personality with the heart eyes. So relieved!

    • My daughter loved her Furby when she was ltltie. Just last night, we were watching tv together and she saw a commercial for one and had a big awwwww moment! Such great toys and great memories!

  82. Alyssa Lee Schmidt says:

    Well no matter what kind you get they will be evil the firsts ones are more evil

  83. Lol I wouldn’t worry about Coco it’s ment to do that if you over feed it ushally it will go back to being nice I have 2 Furbies a all black one that’s in evil mode now giggling like mad here and burping and a pure white one that’s like an angel but little horror was in evil mode earler I got the pure white Furby from my boyfriend for my birthday and the black one I got at xmas in the Black Friday sale I remeber the old Furbies when they first came out and had a couple of them then the big one that did have an off switch now the new ones that came out in 2012 I love Furby he or she is so cute and funny and the evil mode is really funny cracks me up lol but wouldn’t worry your daughters pink Furby will be fine

  84. Vanessa Vandiver says:

    Haspro, I think, created really awesome toys for kids! πŸ™‚ I have a Furby Boom for myself, too! πŸ™‚ They are really cute! I have heard that the only way to get the Furby Boom to become evil, just like the Furby, then you will have to feed it A LOT! And I mean A LOT! But I don't think that's true because if you feed it a lot, then it will become very lazy and maybe burps a bunch of times. πŸ™‚ That's all I know.

  85. Angela Miller says:

    For anyone that may still be struggling with a little one and their Furby, I bought one for my daughter for Christmas, we Googled after the personality change and she can get it to change back after holding it upside down, sticking your finger in it's mouth and pulling on its tail all at the same time. Seriously this is not a joke, it worked. Btw her interest lasted for about 4 weeks and now it remains in it's box…..big mistake!!

  86. Miss Capri says:

    Urgh, I have to say that if I see another “Don’t feed them after midnight” I will be the one to turn evil.

    But seriously, I don’t know why they made them with shifting personalities at random. If they could have a program switch where you have a few options to choose from in how you want your furby to develop, and a change button, along with an on&off switch, surely that could all be put into the base. It would make things a bit easier.

    I found this post looking for info on a furby party rocker I’m considering getting. It piqued my interest.

    I’m more interested in the mini furbies rather than the standard models, they tended to have much cuter voices than their larger counterparts up until Boom. The only thing keeping me from getting a Boom is that it’s a bit pricy and I’d like to get one furbling as well as a couple of party rockers.

    I don’t freak out easily, so would’ve been one of those kids who probably would’ve simply laughed or maybe got annoyed about not getting the furby to behave the way they used to.

    And yes, over-feeding will make furby sick and eventually evil. I saw this done on Youtube with the 2012 versions and it wasn’t pretty. The vomiting. Ugh. I actually felt sorry for the thing. And yes, I did ask – really? Why, Hasbro?

    Burping and farting is pretty funny coming from a toy, kids tend to think it’s hilarious, and adults can’t help chuckling either. We all know what it’s like to do something embarrassing by accident when a burp or fart busts out before it could even be felt coming on, especially during high activity. So Furby’s shameless lack of manners is a funny reminder that we are more couth than they are. If you want to remind your kid to mind their manners, just remind them not to behave like a furby in public. *Grin*

    But making a toy able to vomit – is going a bit too far for my taste.

    Cute as the party rockers are, if you want quiet, don’t get them. They are the chattiest, singiest, most excitable furbies I’ve heard.

    Furblings might be your best bet. They aren’t as interactive, you have to pet their head to get them to talk.

    I’m not sure if either type speak only furbish or if they eventually speak more English as they are played with.

    I had an original furby when they came out back in 98. He was very cute, and fun for a time, but his mechanical works were loud, and I can still hear them on the 2012 versions. Also the original furby’s voice. Urgh. Dorky. Boom is much improved. And I did like the furby babies that came out years ago, some time after the originals. Those had really cute voices.

    The one thing I can’t quite get my head around is the designs in newer furbies’ eyes. Party Rocker Fussby is a girl with I think stars in her eyes. Okay, I can deal with that. It is an actual expression we use anyway, so the idea is sort of cute. But Loveby, the other girl party rocker, also with a cute voice, has hearts in her eyes. Urgh. Um, the heart belongs in one’s chest. So I just think the concept of hearts in eyes is – well – wrong. And cheesy out the wazoo, especially when coupled with her name being Loveby. Oh gosh. And with the 2012 version getting flames in their eyes when in evil mode – that’s messed up.

    The little mini furby I have is just a plush toy that you squeeze to get it to say a few things in the original fury voice. He doesn’t do anything other than that, and just looks cute. I named him Sundown because that is one of the English phrases he says. He was out before the actual furby babies.

    I’m getting a zigzag pattern furbling and probably Wittby the party rocker. I’ve been trying to figure out which one he or she is because the shop I’m getting him/her from doesn’t say, it just gives a description of the colour scheme. If I can get Fussby for cheap at some point I’ll go for it. She’s got a cool voice.

  87. Jennifer Brower says:

    The evil Furby is triggered by overfeeding.

  88. My daughter has a Furby Boom and I came here while doing a search on how to lower the volume. Nobody in our house except for my daughter likes this thing. It’s never turned evil, but it’s pretty annoying. Now my daughter is talking about Furby babies! Noooooooo!

    BTW, this article is hilarious!

  89. my fur by fell from my window inside when it was closed

  90. well my daughter has a Furby and its nothing like those

  91. They have to fall asleep, then they stop talking. If you talk to it or touch it, it's going to make noise back at you. They are interactive toys…

  92. Maybe they transfer all of the spirits from the Ouija to the Furbies. That would make total sense.

  93. Meagan Manion says:

    Did the voice change completely? My daughters was talking high pitched and girly znd now its sounds like a man

  94. Try feeding the furby less, evil furby is triggered by over feeding. Talking to it turns it into the talkative furby. Pulling its tail triggers odd furby. And listening to music, like you said, turns it into pop star furby

  95. natalie holland says:

    This made me giggle thanks. Our ferby just turned evil – so I looked it up and found this post. I’m finding it quite hilarious, he did randomly turn back good again and i’m not sure what I did but then he was over fed and turned evil again so – maybe music is the next step!! thanks πŸ™‚

  96. Coco sounds like a pretty creepy furby. By the by, I used to be in love with furbies. But this is just plain creepy…

  97. Chris Aslin says:

    I find the evil furby is much like… a rock star… who's had a bit too much..

  98. Chris Aslin says:

    also, very rude lol.. it would burp and fart all the time

  99. AinΔ— says:

    My furby is angry ALL THE TIME. I love her, and I don’t like her being this hateful. I’ve tried everything – music, feeding, tickling and petting (well, after I petted her, she turned into sweet furby for… 10 f*cking seconds.)
    WTH do I do? ;(

  100. furby not lover says:

    my daughter loves furbies so i got her a furby for Christmas first it had this annoying teenage girl voice and it had no off button so we took the batteries out then it changed into this mean personality called feisty (more like demon) whenever she got close to it the furby it snapped at her and one time it bit her finger so i took this into my own hands and threw it out then her grandma got her one for her 10th birthday and i found a reset button whenever it changed to something i didn’t like or she didn’t like we would reset it.

  101. Our little demon Furby woke up and howled at the moon — actually howled — THREE times last night. I found this post while looking for an exorcism ritual and it’s awesome. Thank you.

  102. When I was at home playing with my little sister we were fighting over my fury and my dad came and said “be nice and fair nike air” then the fury said ” I likey!”. Since then my father and I have been concerned that fury’s can actually hear what we are saying. Things like that have been happing frequently now so I keep the batteries out of my fury. They are creepy!

  103. my furby died and then i had my friends over and then they told me that furbys could turn evil and i am afriad to turn the thing back on

    sorry about spelling

  104. Hahaha I found this post while googling “mad furby” we have had this bundle of joy for 2 years and I’ve never experienced this. Much like your daughter, my kids dropped Day Do in my lap and said “he’s talking weird” He had flames in his eyes, and kept saying “day do no likey” in a deep “rock star/satan” voice. I talked to him as usual and was getting madder. Finally he had a seizure , flashed eyes and became sweet little day do again. Woah. Did that just happen?

  105. Adele Moonson says:

    these are not names.. it’s furbisch! Coco means more and boo means no/bad if it’s a devil its your fault becouse you probably shaked it too much.. also.. how old is your daughter? furby is not for too young kids.. and did you even looked at the package??? There are all the personalitis and if you are mean to you’r furby well, it’s gonna change.. actually this personality is funny bcouse actually sometimes he likes petting and stuff but he wanna sound cool and don’t admits it