My Entry for BlogHer’s Voices of the Year

As many of you know, I’ve gone to BlogHer’s annual conference every year since I started blogging. Several years back they started a Community Keynote, where a handful of blog posts were selected and honored by having the writers read the posts out loud to the crowd during an evening keynote session. The result was laughter, tears, and a lot of thought-provoking moments. It was a wildly popular and brilliant idea. Since that time, the community keynote has continued to grow and develop into a fantastic showcase of the talents of our community, now named Voices of the Year.

I’ve submitted posts in the past, but have yet to be selected. (No, not whining here. Those who were selected completely deserved the honor and had fantastic posts.) But it’s always good to keep trying, yes?

So this year I’ve tossed my evil Furby post into the ring. Humor generally isn’t my category, but sometimes terrible things happen in your house that are simply too disturbing to not tell as a funny story. And that pink demon counts as both amusing and disturbing, depending on which side of our walls you live on.

I’ve told friends that if my Furby post is selected, I’ll be bringing it with me to BlogHer for the reading. Don’t worry, I’ll neutralize any threat by removing its batteries first. I can’t imagine trying to keep it from waking up for the entire trip.

furbys-sleepingShhhh…don’t wake the fuzzy overlords of DOOM.

Maybe if I’m lucky it’ll get lost in a pile of swag and be left behind to terrorize the city of Chicago? (You’re welcome, Chicago friends!) I’m sure I could offer Mira a trip to the Disney Store or Build-a-Bear to soothe any sadness over losing her Furby. Considering how it’s played with only once a week now, she might not even notice.

If you’re a member of the BlogHer community and want to spare a vote for my post, you can find my entry here. Votes don’t have any sway on the committee selecting most of the posts, but they do matter for the People’s Choice honorees. I’d love a vote if you feel up for it.

Eeeeevil Furby The Furby doesn’t want me to tell it’s story. Don’t let the Furby win, folks.

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  1. That last photo is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Heading over to vote now.
    Stimey recently posted…Project Stimey Update: Discouraged But OptimisticMy Profile

  2. Darn it. I couldn’t find it. Do you have a link to the VOTY entry?
    Stimey recently posted…Project Stimey Update: Discouraged But OptimisticMy Profile

  3. MN RN Mom says:

    I hope you win with this one. You may say you don’t do humor, but this post had me roaring with laughter when I read it. Tops! The last pic on this post was icing on the cake. Good luck!