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New Year’s Eve: Glancing Backward, Leaping Forward To 2013

Another year is nearly in the history books. Overall? 2012 was fairly good for us. I don’t think I could have dreamed it would go in the direction it did when we started the year, but that sudden turn ended up being a mostly pleasant change of scenery that will hopefully all turn out for the best.

At the beginning of the year, I was hoping beyond hope to become a permanent employee at my job. (I worked overnights as a nurse answering questions for new parents via phone.) That aspiration didn’t come true – instead, my entire shift was eliminated, leaving me without a job – but I didn’t realize at the time that it was a message from the universe saying I needed better. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was from working third shift. I was barely living, missing out on my family’s lives because I was either asleep or in a sleepy haze when they were home.

It was frightening to be unemployed, knowing we needed two incomes to pay our bills, but thankfully it didn’t last long and that “right place at the right time” karmic moment came and I spent only two weeks unemployed. Not only did a job opportunity fall into my lap, it was one that was a delightful fit for me, and has since helped me expand and grow my skills while truly enjoying what I do.

Thanks to my current employment, I’m also living among the daywalkers again, although after several years of third shift, I’m still sluggish in the mornings. I have the opportunity to pick my kids up from school each day, saving them a long, dull bus ride and providing the chance to keep in close contact with Cordy’s team of teachers at school.

Aaron’s job this year was rocky but ended on a high note. In May he was told his job was being eliminated but in a last-minute move they decided to keep him, but only at part-time. He’s been giving full effort to his job, in the hopes of seeing full-time again, and just in the last week or so he got his wish. He’s starting a new full-time position with the company this week, working with the military, and it looks promising for future opportunities.

Mira started kindergarten in 2012 at the same school as Cordy. Having them both in the same school is fantastic. Cordy’s had some troubles along the way, but she’s doing better and we now have new plans in place to help her deal with her anxiety. I love spending more time with them now and learning so much from them.

I had some fantastic opportunities in 2012, too. I worked with Slim-Fast and reached my goal weight, an accomplishment that has taken 20 years to achieve. I walked in my first fashion show at BlogHer, an experience I will never forget. We went on mini-vacations to Cedar Point and Put-in-Bay, where I re-introduced the girls to my passion for roller coasters and water . (And they discovered their love of golf carts.)

And we now have a dog, who is a lovely oaf that is convinced he’s either a 95lb lapdog or my third child. 

I also wanted to find ME again in 2012. I didn’t quite meet that goal, but having a stable sleep schedule and getting to be with my family more has helped me make a lot of progress toward that goal. 

Back to my original statement. Overall? 2012 was fairly good for us. It’s been a steady climb out of the hellhole that was 2008. It’s truly time to shine now.

And now…2013. This year will be awesome. It just has to be. With a lead-in like 2012, we’re all primed for some amazing things to come our way this year. Not only are careers and kids going well, Aaron and I will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary in March 2013, with a big trip planned as part of the celebration.

This blog will be getting a facelift, too. I’m this close to getting it all moved to WordPress (FINALLY!! *insert fireworks and cheers here*) so be ready for a new look very soon. I’m combining three blogs into one, pulling it all back under one space for my own sanity. Which also means I want to be writing more, too. I have a lot of opinions and stories to share, I only need the momentum to get them written down.

So let’s do this, 2013. I’m ready. I’ll bring the effort, you bring the magic.

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